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Openlensphotography had already proven to be beyond capable of capturing the best moments in our lives! His knowledge in itself is awe-inspiring, as we personally know that he stays educated in all aspects of the industry. We strongly believe it's because of this passion and professionalism that he never ceases to amaze his clients with his attention to detail, keen perception, and unobtrusiveness at events. Each encounter leaves you excited to do more because his ideas and creativity are endless! -Detric & Dianna Avents
It was an overall awesome experience. Mr. Gadson was basically moving in stealth mode. Whenever me and my wife were thinking about taking a picture during the reception we would ask hey where is Nick. And there he was already snapping away getting some great shots. He was on time and he was again in stealth mode during the ceremony I didn't even notice he was there but the great pictures I've seen prove otherwise. Thank you sir it was awesome and if we have any other events we know who to call and also who to refer. God Bless!!! Cornell J.