Engagement Photo Session

Engagement Shoot is a fun way for you to build rapport with your wedding photographer before the big day and to help you feel more at ease with being photographed on your wedding day. Seeing the results of the pre-wedding session will help you feel confident that you will both look fantastic in the wedding photos. The session also helps me get to know the two of  you… what works for you, how affectionate you are with each other, how relaxed you are, whether you are laid back or more formal in character… what’s the best angle to shoot you from in order to flatter you best.

  • 2 hours early on time
  • Session with groom and groomsmen & bride and bridesmaids
  • On-location at Wedding Venue

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T&ks Wedding day

Bridal Session

Bridal portrait sessions are a Southern tradition where the bride takes portraits (typically 1-2 months before the wedding) in her full wedding day attire – hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, bouquet, and of course, the dress. Generally a large portrait from the session is displayed in the reception hall or near the wedding cake.

When should I do bridal photos?  I recommend scheduling your bridal session with me as far in advance as possible.  The actual session should take place at least 6 or 8 weeks before your wedding date to allow enough processing time in case you want to display an image or two from the bridal session on your wedding day.

Should I bring someone with me to help out?  Absolutely, extra help is always appreciated.

Where should I have my photos taken?  I can suggest many locations around town, or maybe you have a favorite spot in mind.  Some locations are free; others charge a fee.  I’d be happy to discuss location options with you in more detail as the time nears.

How long does the session last?  About 1 – 2 hours.

How long after the bridal session before I see my photos?  Turnaround is approximately 2 weeks.

How many photos will there be?  I edit and polish the best.  Most bridal sessions end up with somewhere between 40 – 70 finished photos.

I’m on the fence about doing a bridal . . . what are the advantages?  This is a matter of personal preference.  Many clients have told me that they were really glad they did the bridal session.  It’s a good opportunity to get some of the butterflies before your wedding day, you may see something you need the change that special day  – whether it be an alteration to the dress or a tweaking of the hair, makeup,etc.  We’ll have an opportunity to take photos of you by yourself in your dress on your wedding day, sometimes on a wedding day things go a little different than planed so it’s a nice opportunity if you choose to. PLEASE FILL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR PRICING OR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS FOR YOUR SPECIAL DAY THANK YOU.

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Professional Portraits

Family Portrait session Starting Price is $340 to $500. Single Portrait Session Price $200,Professional Head shots start at 75$

7 to 10 Day turnover time for photo’s to be finished.

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • 2 to 3 hours on-location
  • outfit changes welcome
  • Locations optional

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